small gold or silver rose bracelet



Ref: small rose

Size: all

Materials: 18kt gold or pure silver laminated on cotton cord



This ia a 1.5cm flat rose which has been layered with three layers of 18kt gold or pure silver laminated so unlike plating that wears off, this will be forever (a long time even wearing at the beach and bathing) bringing you the energy of abundance and generosity in your life. The rose represents unconditional love, comfort and vitality. It is the symbol of LOVE. They say that the smell of the rose allows our radiance from our soul to shine so we can glow with happiness. It is adjustable so fits everybody, even children, comfortably so much so that you hardly notice that you are wearing it. There is a choice of colours on the cotton cord and that is red, beige, brown, olive, blue, grey, black or white. They are very elegant and pretty.Place an order and I will call you when I receive your order to confirm colours. Thank you.