wishing bracelets



Ref: wishes

Size: all

Materials: sterling silver on cotton cord



These are tiny charms in sterling silver on a cotton cord for tying onto your wrist. I have a personal project with these and that is that I have seen people tie a string on the wrist and make a wish and say that when it falls their wish will be complete. I don’t want to be negative but this is not true. But it can be true through you. The energy that I am trying to convey is that when you tie this on it is you, who by looking and remembering your wish, will give it force and energy and perhaps do something towards it yourself as you are reminded. And it you who has the power and the force to make your dreams come true. I want to give the power back to you and not to the string. You can choose from a star, or heart on either red, white, black, beige or brown cotton cord. The force is with you. it fits everyone, men, women and children.
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