just a thought

We carry so many troubles on our shoulders, so much so that we start to look like Mr. Atlas. The Greeks pictured him carrying the whole world on his shoulders, bowed down by the incredible weight. This is quite symbolic of how many people are living today.
We worry our minds with issues and problems that we cannot change. This can only lead to stress and illness.
Perhaps we could mind our own business. Care for our thoughts, body and spirit. By doing this maybe we can reach a peace of mind, do all our projects well and see the presence of goodness and light in everyone and all things around us.
By working on ourselves, and changing our energy, I feel it is a way that we can help the energetic vibration of the world and make our own lives divinely successful too.
Drop your globes. Don’t be Mr. Atlas. Straighten your back, breathe and look up at the sky. I wish you success on your personal journey and global healing.
big love hugs Noel x