This is an exercise that my Homeopathic doctor asked me to write about. To be honest it is a question that I have been thinking about in all different aspects for a while. I didn’t know what I thought. If I believed in karma, after life, a parallel universe or nothing.
After a lot of thought and contemplation I have decided that for me I was free energy on a different plane. Pure love, pure light and totally open.
Free of all fears and restrictions and flowing like water. Happy and innocent but with the knowledge of everything pure and good.
People say we choose our parents and families but I have come to think that we choose our bodies. I chose to come to who I am today to experience a life with Noel and work to help guide her while my spirit feels and knows all I also grow and learn with her.
Noel, like you and you is a complex person of many emotions and experiences and without my spirit soul guiding me I wouldn’t be me.
But my spirit is there to follow and experience life of my body that it has chosen too and therefore it has to also sometimes take a back seat and watch as I fumble and tumble my way through life learning. For we are all always learning together to find our way to a happy life.
This is who I was before and it is who I am now.