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Friendly agate fairy

Ref: Agate fairy
agate fairy necklace

large Angelic necklace

Ref: Angelic
large stone angel on a long necklace cord with stone beads.

Happy Bee Day

Ref: bee
sterling charms 24k gold plated on silver or gold link chain

Bombay Glitter

Ref: bombay
swarovski crystal necklace

sterling angel charm bracelet

Ref: charm angelB
a sterling charm with crystals on a cotton cord bracelet

sterling angel charm necklace

Ref: charm angelN
a sterling charm with crystals on a cotton cord necklace

Cosmic stone necklace

Ref: cosmic N
natural cosmic stone necklace

dragonfly bracelet

Ref: dragonB
gold or silver dragonfly bracelet

elegancia bracelet

Ref: eleganB
tiny beads with a tourmaline on a cord bracelet

Exotic bead bracelet

Ref: Exotic beads
elasticated glass bead bracelet with a single swarovski bead

hand of fatima

Ref: fatima
gold hand of fatima on an adjustable cord

Festival stone bracelet

Ref: Festival b
Natural wooden beads with a variety of tumbled stones

festival stone necklace

Ref: festival n
fabulous long crystal necklaces with a single stone

flying sterling angel bracelet

Ref: fly b
a flying sterling angel charm with czech crystals on an adjustable cord

flying angel necklace

Ref: fly n
a flying sterling angel charm with czech crystals on an adjustable cord

Gem cord bracelet

Ref: GEM
gem cord bracelet

Glitter gold

Ref: Glitter
24k gold plated bead adjustable bracelet

Gold charms on silk

Ref: Gold Charms
sterling charms 24k gold plated on silk cords

Golden lotus flower

Ref: gold lotus
Gold Lotus flower necklace

Happy agates and magnesium bracelet

Ref: Happy
Faceted agate and magnesite beads bracelets

Love jade bracelet

Ref: Jade b
jade bead bracelet on adjustable cord

love jade necklace

Ref: jade n
jade bead necklace on adjustable cord

large pearl

Ref: large pearl
Large cultured fresh water single pearl on adjustable cord

long pearl angel necklace

Ref: long pearl angel
a long fresh water pearl necklace with an angel

long chain yoga

Ref: long yoga
long bubble chain with yogic charm

Mankind bracelet

Ref: man
a sterling silver or 14kt gold bar unisex bracelet

money tree

Ref: money
Gold Tree with agate beads on an adjustable cord necklace

mystical dragonfly bracelet

Ref: mystic
dragonfly charm and crystal bracelet

open heart bracelet

Ref: open heart b
sterling silver open heart charm bracelet

Open heart necklace

Ref: open heart n
sterling silver open heart charm necklace

passion heart

Ref: passion
swarovski heart with garnets

pearl and angel bracelet

Ref: pearl mix
elasticated pearl bracelet with and angel

Pom Pom delight

Ref: PomPom
Pom poms with large czech crystals and tassels

Puff Heart Bracelet

Ref: Puff Heart b
sterling puff heart charm bracelet

Puff heart necklace

Ref: Puff Heart n
sterling puff heart charm necklace


Ref: roman
brass leaf charms with swarovski crystal necklace

gold or silver rose

Ref: Rose b
18kt gold or pure silver laminated rose adjustable bracelet

small gold or silver rose bracelet

Ref: Small rose
small gold or silver rose adjustable bracelet

Turn a new leaf

Ref: Turn a leaf
small brass leaves with unakite stones

twinkle star charm bracelet

Ref: twinkle b
sterling star with crystals on an adjustable cord bracelet

Twinkle star charm necklace

Ref: twinkle n
sterling star with crystals necklace on an adjustable cord

wishing bracelets

Ref: wishes
sterling silver wishing charm bracelets

Mystic Words

Ref: words
stamped charms on an adjustable cord necklace with czech crystals

yoga Bracelet

Ref: Yoga
yogic symbol charms with turquoise beads

om bracelet

Ref: Yoga 2
metal om charm on a cotton cord