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energy gold disk bracelet

Ref: Energy
an 9kt gold disk for good fortune and opportunity

guardian angel necklace

Ref: Guardian
a guiding angel with flourite and tourmalines on thread with a pearl button fastening

heart of stone - rose

Ref: Rose heart
a rose quartz heart and polished rose quartz chip ncklace

heart of stone - amethyst

Ref: Amethyst heart
amethyst heart with polished amethyst chip necklace

freedom butterfly bracelet

Ref: Freedom
18kt gold or pure silver laminated butterfly on an adjustable cotton cord

ring of love

Ref: ringlove
14 kt ring of love bracelet

wishing bracelets

Ref: wishes
sterling silver wishing charm bracelets

dragonfly necklace

Ref: dragon n
swarovski crystal dragon fly necklace with tourmalines

chakra necklace or bracelet

Ref: Chakra
seven energetic stones to balance the energy of the body