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Bombay Glitter

Ref: bombay
swarovski crystal necklace

Glitter gold

Ref: Glitter
24k gold plated bead adjustable bracelet

Love jade bracelet

Ref: Jade b
jade bead bracelet on adjustable cord

love jade necklace

Ref: jade n
jade bead necklace on adjustable cord

large pearl

Ref: large pearl
Large cultured fresh water single pearl on adjustable cord

large swallow necklace

Ref: LG swallow
a vintage swallow necklace

love Cross necklace

Ref: love cross
wooden cross crystal filled charm with czech crystal beads on a thick cotton cord

magical Dragonfly necklace

Ref: magic
natural stone bead necklace with a dragonfly charm

magical Dragonfly necklace

Ref: magic2
natural stone bead necklace with a dragonfly charm

long pearl rosary style necklace

Ref: Rosary
long rosary style necklace can be worn short or long

swallow necklace

Ref: Swallow
vintage swallow necklace