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Happy agates and magnesium bracelet


These are faceted cut beautiful agate 8 - 12mm beads on a strong elastic with magnesite polished beads. Agates are for true friends in our lives. Empowering those we have and helping to bring in the new as well. The magnesite helps us to love ourselves so we can better love our friends. Also by wearing the magnesite you are absorbing magnesium mineral which helps us to feel happy, improves our muscles, ligaments and joints. It is a wonderful mineral for our bodies.
They come in all mixed colours so when you order we can talk about that. They shine and glow amazingly and really are a special piece.
To place an order go to the order form and scroll past the numbers and you will find your word reference. I will call you when you order to confirm colours and sizes. thank you.


Happy agates and magnesium bracelet






stone beads on elastic


28,00 €