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Golden lotus flower


In Buddhism this flower represents faithfulness and achievement of enlightenment. It reminds us of the miracle of beauty, light and life. it can help us with a spiritual understanding of our worlds and our place in it. This is made from three layers of 18kt gold laminated together so that the gold does not wear off. It is about 4cm large. They have a choice of a central drop stone such as blue chalcedony, green quartz ( the two in the photo) rose quartz, pink quartz, pineapple quartz or green aventurine. Meditate with the endless opening petals and enjoy the possibilities. They are fabulous.
To place an order go to the order form and scroll past the numbers and you will find your word reference. I will call you when you order to confirm colours and sizes. thank you.


Golden lotus flower


gold lotus




mixed materials


30,00 €