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Just a Thought

Thank you for having taken the time to visit my site and look at my work

The philosophy to my work is LOVE. I personally love each piece of jewellery that I design and hand made. I travel far and wide and search hard to find the individual crystals and colours that I work with.

I personally clear all the crystals which go to create the individual pieces of jewellery that I produce. I do this so that the special powers of all the stones can bring their pleasure to you.

To the best of my knowledge all the crystals have freely chosen to be together for your joy. I wish you peace, happiness and light. May these always be a special part of your day.

I would like to acknowledge a special thanks to my friends, family and partner who have contributed their time, energy, vision, faith and magical friendship to my journey in life. I feel priveleged to have been blessed with such specialness. For without all their support I would not have the clarity in my creativity that I can share with you.

Thank you to you all.

I love you.